Innocence Network UK (INUK) was established in September 2004 by Dr Michael Naughton, an academic expert on miscarriages of justice and wrongful convictions. It is a practical response to the limitations of the criminal justice system to overturn wrongful convictions identified in academic research. Put simply, there are many known causes of wrongful convictions to which innocent individuals can fall prey, both intentional and unintentional. However, the criminal appeals system and the Criminal Cases Review Commission (CCRC) cannot guarantee that all innocent victims of wrongful convictions will have their convictions overturned.

INUK has three broad interrelated purposes:


INUK circulates the findings of academic research on wrongful convictions and miscarriages of justice as it relates to the UK.

INUK also acts as an umbrella for occasional joint research projects in the area of wrongful convictions and miscarriages of justice and circulates those findings, too, in line with the public engagement and impact aims.

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Public engagement

INUK employs an array of public engagement strategies to draw attention to the intentional wrongs and unintentional ‘errors’ of the criminal justice system that cause the wrongful conviction of the factually innocent and the inability of the criminal appeals system and the CCRC to policy makers, criminal justice system agencies, the legal community and more widely to members of the public.

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Overall, INUK is a project that seeks to influence public discourse, reforms of the criminal justice system and changes to prison and parole practices so that the factually innocent can overturn their convictions and/or make progress or achieve release from prison.

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INUK does NOT undertake casework into alleged wrongful convictions, it does NOT give legal advice and it is NOT a campaign or victim support group.

However, if you feel that you have been a victim of a wrongful conviction and have exhausted the normal criminal appeal system (i.e. failed in your normal appeal) you can apply directly to the University of Bristol Innocence Project (UoBIP), also founded and directed by Dr Michael Naughton, for your case to be considered for investigation on a pro bono basis (free).

Please send a letter with a brief outline of your claim of innocence to:

Dr Michael Naughton
Founder and Director
University of Bristol Innocence Project (UoBIP)
University of Bristol Law School
Wills Memorial Building
Queens Rd
Bristol BS8 1RJ

You will then be sent an introductory letter that sets out the scope of the University of Bristol Innocence Project (UoBIP) and a Preliminary Questionnaire to be completed and returned to the UoBIP at the above address.

UoBIP will assess if your case is eligible for investigation based on the details provided in your Preliminary Questionnaire

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From January 2005 to August 2014, INUK also acted as an umbrella organisation that facilitated the establishment of, and supported the subsequent running of, 36 member innocence projects in the UK – 35 in UK universities and one in a corporate law firm. Click here for more information.


International partnership

INUK is a member of The Innocence Network, an affiliation of organizations dedicated to providing pro bono legal and investigative services to individuals seeking to prove innocence of crimes for which they have been convicted and working to redress the causes of wrongful convictions.


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