INUK in the Media (selected)

2014: Olivia Goldhill. Can we trust a guilty conviction?’, The Telegraph, 21 November 2014.

2014: Olivia Goldhill. ‘When innocent men go to jail: miscarriages of justice in Britain’, The Telegraph, 4 September 2014.

2014: Paul Peacy. ‘Legal eagles fighting wrongful convictions in the US are coming here’, The Independent, 5 September 2014.

2013: Michael Naughton interviewed by Simon Mercep for Radio New Zealand’s, Morning Report, on the call for a Criminal Cases Review Commission for New Zealand following the quashing of the conviction of Mark Lundy by the Privvy Council, 8 October:

2012: This is Bristol, ‘Bristol law students help win appeal over man’s robbery conviction’, 13 September.

2012: Scottish Daily Record, ‘Man convicted of 1981 armed robbery finally has case referred to Court of Appeal’, 13 September.

2012: BBC News Scotland, ‘Appeal hearing over William Beck robbery conviction’, 12 September.

2012: The Scotsman, ‘Man jailed for Post Office van raid “was innocent”‘, 12 September.

2012: Tan, G. ‘Innocence Network UK’, The Solution Magazine by Black Mental Health UK, August/September.

2012: Johnson, C. ‘Reasonable Doubt’, The American Lawyer, 27 June

2012: Laville, S. ‘Criminal review body is “failing the innocent”’, The Guardian, 28 March.

2012: Manning, L. ‘Norton Rose to host event for Bristol University’s INUK campaign’, Lawyer 2B, 28 March.

2012: Binnie, A. ‘INUK calls for murder case appeal to be heard’, Watford Observer, 4 April.

2012: Scheerout, J. ‘Convicted killer Susan May calls for reform of appeals “watchdog”’, Manchester Evening News, 29 March.

2012: Bromsgrove Advertiser ‘Innocence Network UK believes man may be innocent of double murder’, 10 April.

2012: Tallentire, M.  ‘Campaigners urge murder case review’, Durham Times, 29 March.

2012: Lancashire Evening Post ‘Campaigners take up fight for innocence’, 30 March.

2012: Sunderland Echo, ‘Woman convicted of husband’s murder proclaims innocence’, 31 March.

2012: lensy, D. ‘Fighting for simple justice’, Bristol Evening Post, 7 March.

2012: Tallentire, M.  ‘Campaigners urge murder case review’, The Northern Echo, 29 March.

2012: Robins, J. ‘The CCRC isn’t perfect, but calls for reform need to be part of a wider debate’ , The Guardian, 26 January. Click here for the article

2011: Scott, M. ‘Rough Justice Plea on Robber’, Sunday Mail, 21 August.

M2011: Manning  L. ”Bristol students in battle to overturn conviction of alleged armed robber’ , Lawyer 2B, 22 August.

2011: Manzoor, S. ‘The Innocence Project: the court of last resort’, Observer Magazine Feature, 9 January.
Click here for the article.

2011: Manning, L.  ‘Bristol Uni’s Innocence Smoothies‘, The Lawyer, 31 January.
Click here for the article.

2010: Manning, L.  ‘Bristol Innocence Project takes murder case to appeal court‘, Lawyer 2B, 7 December
Click here for the article.

2010:  The Barrister Magazine, ‘Why the conviction of Simon Hall cannot stand’ December.

2010: Tran, M.  ‘Judgment reserved in murder appeal as forensic evidence divides experts‘, The Guardian, 9 December
Click here for the article.

2010: Rigby, N. ‘Clash over Simon Hall murder appeal fibres evidence‘, BBC News, 9 December
Click here for the article.

2009: Hanman, N. ‘The Wife who Waits: Battle Goes on to have Simon Hall’s Case Reheard‘, The Guardian, 21 July
Click here for the article.

2007: ‘The Innocents’ Brief‘ BBC Rough Justice documentary about the University of Bristol Innocence Project investigation of Simon Hall’s claim of innocence, BBC 1, 12 April. This was the last ever BBC Rough Justice documentary.

2007: Rigby, N. ‘Justice for Simon Hall: Murder conviction doubts‘, BBC News, 11 April
Click here for the article.

2007: Smallman, E. ‘The Innocence Squad‘ The Times, April 23.
Click here for the article.

2007: Cited in ‘Wrongly jailed attend conference’, BBC News Online, 31 March.

2006: BBC News ‘Drama based on students‘ law work’, 8 November.
Click here for the article.

2006: Nick Jackson, The Independent, cited in Wrongful convictions: the students battling to help inmates, 14 December.

2006: Donna Chisholm, Sunday Star Times, cited in ‘Innocent Mistake’ , 26 February.

2006: Helen Morris, The Lawyer Magazine, cited in ‘Jan launch for Cardiff Innocence Project’ Lawyer 2B, 5(2): 4.

2006: Jackson, N. ‘Wrongful convictions: the students battling to help inmates‘ The Independent, 14 December.
Click here for the article.

2005: Phil Chamberlain & Rich Cookson, The Tribune, about the University of Bristol Innocence Project. Featured in: ‘New court of appeal is now in session’ The Tribune, Volume 69, Number 26, 1 July 2005.

2005: Morris, J. ‘Students to the Rescue‘ Guardian Unlimited, June 14.
Click here for the article.

2005: Robins, J.  ‘Damned if you do, and damned if you don’t‘ The Times, 13 June.

2005: Robins, J. ‘Bristol Uni kicks off Innocence Project to balance Government stance‘, The Lawyer, June 13.
Click here for the article.

2005: Bob Beale, Bristol Evening Post, about the official launch of the University of Bristol Innocence Project (UoBIP) to coincide with National Pro Bono week. Featured in: ‘A quest for justice’, 31 May.

2005: Cahal Milmo The Independent, cited in: ‘Cannings’ compensation claim is rejected’, 12 January.

2004: Ruth Wood, Western Daily Press, cited in: ‘Scandal of mothers jailed over “cot death”’ 23 December.

2004: Greg Lewis, Wales on Sunday, cited in: ‘Counting the cost of injustice’, 19 September.

2004: John Hatton, Big Issue (North Edition), cited in: ‘Innocence Network Attacks Appeals System’, 13 September.

2004: ‘West fights for innocent in jail’, Western Daily Press, 3 September.

2004: Students enlisted to fight miscarriages of justice’, Bristol Evening Post, 3 September.

2004: ‘Injustice network to be launched’, BBC News Website, 2 September.

2004: ‘Injustice victims fight wrongful convictions’,, 2 September.

2004:’ Students fight for justice’, This is Bristol Website, 2 September.

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