This page hosts some of the core documents that INUK provided to its member innocence projects to assist them in setting up and to support their operations; the preliminary questionnaires to alleged innocent victims of wrongful convictions to determine eligibility (a) might the applicant be innocent; and, b) is there something that can be done to determine whether that claim of innocence is valid or otherwise); case assessment pack; the guidance to applicants and client care letter to applicants deemed eligible and referred to a member innocence project; and, the casework protocols, which set out the minimum standards that the member innocence projects agreed to work to.

We are happy for these documents to be adopted/adapted by other organisations or individuals who work to assist innocent victims of wrongful conviction and imprisonment. We ask only that INUK is acknowledged as the source.

INUK Membership Form

INUK Innocence Project Starter Pack

INUK Innocence Project First Steps

INUK Innocence Project Student Handbook

INUK Casework Protocols

INUK Forensic Science Enquiry Proforma

INUK Innocence Project Annual Report

INUK Case Assessment Pack

INUK Guidance for New Applicants

INUK Preliminary Questionnaire England and Wales

INUK Preliminary Questionnaire Scotland

INUK Client Care Letter

INUK Conflict of Interest Policy