Founder and Director

Dr Michael Naughton

Executive Director

Gabe Tan (2007-2013)

Universities Coordinator

Julie Price (2005-2010)

Head of Casework

Mark Allum (2012-2014)

Gabe Tan (2008-2012)

Julie Price (2006-2008)


Jennifer Sadler (2013-2015)

Aine Kervick (2012-2013)

Jackie Nichols (2010-2012)

Pat Hammond (2004-2010)


Caroline Andrews (2004-2015)


Sir Ludovic Kennedy (Founding Patron, Deceased) Sir Ludovic’s speech at the conference that launched INUK here
Michael Mansfield QC
Sir Geoffrey Bindman QC (Hon)
Bruce Kent


  • Philip Evans, Barrister, QEB Hollis Whiteman
  • Mark Newby, Solicitor Advocate, Quality Solicitors Jordans
  • Allan Jamieson, The Forensic Institute
  • Julie Allard, Consultant Forensic Scientist
  • Nigel Hodge, Consultant Forensic Scientist
  • Neil Smith, Data Locator 2202
  • Tom Laidlaw, Head of Academic and Public Sector Marketing, LexisNexis UK


We are grateful to the following for their generous financial support, either in terms of the creation and development of INUK or for the delivery of specific projects:

  • SETsquared, University of Bristol
  • Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust
  • LexisNexis UK (Tom Laidlaw, Director of Academic and Public Sector Marketing)
  • Allen & Overy London Foundation
  •  Law & Policy Research Unit (LAPRU), University of Bristol Law School (Director, Professor Richard Young)
  • Access to Justice Foundation

Prime source videos for INUK YouTube

Jack Adams, Director, Human Rights TV


Paul Mason and Clare Wardle, JOMEC, Cardiff University


Isabelle Kosciusko, Isabelle K Limited

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