INQUIRY contains articles, case studies and special reports on how wrongful convictions can be caused and/or overturned.

INQUIRY Issue 10 (Summer 2014- Mark Newby Special Issue)

INQUIRY Issue 9 (Spring 2014 – CCRC Special Issue)

INQUIRY Issue 8 (Summer 2013)

INQUIRY Issue 7 (Spring 2013)

INQUIRY Issue 6 (Autumn 2012)

INQUIRY Issue 5 (Summer 2012, INUK Symposium on the reform of the CCRC Special Issue)

INQUIRY Issue 4 (Spring 2012) 

INQUIRY Issue 3 (Winter 2011, Conference Issue)

INQUIRY Issue 2 (Autumn 2011)

INQUIRY Issue 1 (Summer 2011)

For access to an extensive list of publications on miscarriages of justice and the wrongful conviction and imprisonment of the innocent see: It includes analyses of prisoners maintaining innocence; the parole deal; the harmful consequences of wrongful convictions on direct victims and their families; and, the limitations and failings of the criminal appeals system and the Criminal Cases Review Commission in dealing with claims of factual innocence.


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